The Legend

Donna Cenerina

Long ago a wicked crime stained the walls of the Rocca di Soragna with red: it was the murder of Cassandra Marinoni of Milan, better known to the inhabitants of Soragna by the name of Donna Cenerina, the wife of Marchese Diofebo II Meli Lupi who was murdered by her brother-in-law Giulio Anguissola in 1573, presumably for reasons of personal gain. It was in fact an obscure act of violence which was never avenged and which provoked horror in the whole region. Very soon the legend of the ghost of Donna Cenerina took hold, and it is said that she wanderes unhappily and without peace in the rooms of the Rocca, accompanied by disturbing and unexplained phenomena. Over the centuries she has become the herald of countless episodes of bad luck for the lords of the castle. Indeed it is said that Donna Cenerina appears above all when something unfortunate is about to happen to her descendants.

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